The corporate motto for C.W. Wright Construction Company, LLC is “Service With Safety”. A safe work place is required by the government, expected by our customers, deserved by the public and demanded by our employee’s. The Safety Department’s mission is to ensure that “Service With Safety” is not just a motto, but a core value. To accomplish this mission, we have been given the resources to administer an aggressive loss control program that consists of employee-owner training, published safety manuals and work methods, job site audits, safety inspections, compliance reviews and a commitment to continuously improve our safety performance.

The goal of the Safety Department and the Company is zero accidents and injuries, and we seek to accomplish this goal by empowering every employee with the authority to stop a job if an unsafe condition exists. It is the responsibility of each employee to follow all safety work rules and procedures and to cooperate with and support loss control program activities and objectives. Each employee is expected to report any unsafe conditions, to ask for instruction from a manager if they are unsure how to conduct a specific task safely, and to suggest ways to improve safety, productivity and quality . Furthermore, each foreman and manager shall monitor and assist employee’s in the safe performance of their duties so that safe work behaviors and attitudes become an expected part of every employee’s job performance.

C.W. Wright Construction Company, LLC

Has over 50 years of experience in the electrical utility industry. With services ranging from building and maintaining overhead and underground power lines to installing poles and towers, C.W. Wright is here to perform your total project requirements.

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